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I work with clients across the globe and from all walks of life and age. I provide consults via skype/phone/facetime/whatsapp or in-person at our officeClick on the program for more information.


I conducts various workshops, food demos and seminars all year round. Click on the link for a detailed description and upcoming workshops.

Get Healthy And Vibrant for Good

In this age of information overload, fad diets and superfood hypes my mission is to clarify myths and simplify concepts, raising awareness through one on one consultations, seminars, workshops and blogs. My focus is to help people get to the root of their imbalances and find optimum health. No more calorie counting, fear or guilt of indulgence. We can connect virtually via social media or email or in real life if you live in Boston!


Sneh, as a nutritionist, was valuable in my journey to achieve a significant lifestyle change that focused on transitioning to healthy eating, making appropriate meal choices, achieving balance with foods and its types, and managing portions. She brought a wealth of experience and successfully coupled new health and diet trends into her guidance. She was meticulous in menu planning, answering questions patiently and best of all, she followed up after every meeting to evaluate how the proposed change was working. She was easily accessible for consultation and her flexibility in scheduling appointments was a huge plus.

Hemant, MA

Sneh Jaisingh @ nutriage is incredible.  She is someone who you can trust blindly with dietary and nutrition advice. Not only does Sneh know her stuff well, but she’s approachable and caring. She has given me great advice about probiotics and the benefits of food fresh homemade food and also best from the market. She is always my first call when I need help!

Arpan, California

Sneh Jaisingh is a very caring person. In March 2016, I started having severe GI problem. I wasn’t able to digest food, at all. By the grace of God, I met Sneh and started following her suggestions and diet plan strictly. After a few days, I experienced a lot of change for the better. I haven’t had any issue since then. I had never had a better nutritionist and a better health coach. She is very knowledgeable and has a wonderful manner to address issues. She is very easy to talk to. She spends enough time with patients to ensure they understand what their health needs are. Further, by following diet plan recommended by Sneh my immune system has improved. I highly recommend her.

Divya, MA

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