My Story

Hi there! I’m Sneh Jaisingh, a Clinical Nutritionist & Wellness Coach. I am originally from India, now settled in Boston with my family for the past 17 years.
When I embarked on my adventure into the field of nutrition, I always thought that food had one function and that was to provide nourishment to our body and also to alleviate disease condition. However, gradually as I gained more experience in the field, I came to an understanding that food had a deeper connection. Being a person with a science background, anything that had scientific reasoning made sense to me. I got curious to learn how food was related to not only our body but our mind and spirit. The more I discovered, the more fascinating it became.  I learned about how eating the right kind of food during pregnancy, for e.g., not only provided adequate nourishment but also how it affected the emotional and spiritual being of the unborn child. Now how cool is that?
From a dietitian prescribing calorie-based diet plans to a holistic nutritionist, combining the best of my knowledge in clinical and integrative nutrition, it has been quite an evolutionary journey. What I love the most is spending time with my clients to help them create a road map of their health. My favorite part is to create S.E.A.N (Simple Easy Affordable Nutritious) recipes. SEAN in Irish means gift of god, Just about right!

The rewarding part of my job is when I see my clients achieve their goals and improve their overall wellbeing. I love food and I breathe nutrition and I am so grateful to be able to be a liason of health.

I am a wanderer at heart and love to travel. Yoga and Spinning are my stress busters and I am soon to be a Certified Yoga Teacher. There is so much to learn 🙂

Recently I teamed up with my husband Ajay, who is an avid meditator and teaches various kinds of meditation alongside his IT job. He is very passionate creating a wellness ripple. Together we collaborate to provide a complete holistic health programs empowering individuals, families and corporates.