“I like to call my programs as NutriAge- Nutrition for all Ages. Food is more than just calorie counting and portion control. Food is Medicine and it not only nourishes your body, but also your mental and spiritual/emotional being. At NutriAge we provide an in depth timeline Nutrition Assessment with each client followed by a personalized plan based on your needs. ”

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Program #1

  • Customized Nutrition Consultation

    Small group or personalized individual Nutrition Counseling in a comfortable, non-clinical environment with a specific focus in the following areas:

    • Eating Disorders
    • Weight Management
    • Pediatric & Family Nutrition
    • Sports Nutrition
    • GI disorder- IBS, GERD, etc
    • Chronic illness- Diabetes, Heart disease, Cancer, etc
    • Women’s Health
    • Hormone imbalance
    • Integrative and Functional Nutrition

Program #2

  • Lifestyle makeover

    • Individual or Group Cooking Classes
    • Pantry Makeover
    • Grocery Shopping Tour
    • Menu planning
    • Mindful Eating Training

Program #3

  • Physical-Mental-Spiritual detox Individual or group


    • 21 days detox
    • Decluttering guide
    • Intuitive eating
    • Exercise and Meditation guide


Program #4

  • Workshops and Seminars


    • Smoothie and Juicing
    • Detox demystified
    • Weight management
    • Nutrition for healthy kids
    • Nutrition for athletes
    • Pregnancy and motherhood
    • Diabetes management
    • GI health and probiotics


Program #5

  • Corporate Wellness

    Based on your organization’s needs. We will design a customized a Wellness program for you


    • 1:1 nutrition counseling
    • Informative materials, handouts and videos
    • Body Fat and Anthropometric measurement
    • Seminar/workshop/cooking demo
    • Fitness groups (yoga, meditation, walking, running etc.)