What is it and how different is it to traditional bread:


Whole wheat/grain bread is made by grinding the kernels, comprised of a vitamin-rich germ, a protein and carbohydrate dense endosperm and an outer shell called the bran into whole wheat flour.


White bread is made by removing the wheat kernel’s germ and bran, grinding up only the endosperm into flour.


Sprouted-grain bread is made from wheat kernels that are allowed to sprout and then ground up and baked into bread.


Confusion? is it really “flourless”: You may have noticed on the label “flourless bread”. Unlike our traditional bread where the kernels are ground into flour, this bread is made with the sprouts, hence “flourless”


It’s Nutritionals: SG breads that are made from not just wheat sprouts but a variety of sprouts, such as millet, barley, oat and even lentil and soy is definately the healthier choice. It is a good source of proteins, slightly better than the traditional whole wheat bread, since some carbohydrates are lost in the process of sprouting.


It is a good source of some vitamins likeB2, B5, B6, C and carotenethan regular bread.


It is a good source of sometrace elements likezinc, magnesiumetc.


A good pick for someone who doesn’t like to incorporate avariety of grainsin their diet, a good idea for vegetarians.


Also the sprouting processalmostpre-digeststhe starches for you by breaking them down into simple sugars, ideal for those who havesensitive colon.


Brands: Ezekiel, Sliver Hills, Healthy way, Trader Joe’s


My Views: I would buy this product once in while just for a change. If you at a well-balanced meal, comprising of variety of whole grain and beans then I wouldn’t want to spend extra $$. Also, it takes a while to develop the taste and acceptance for the texture, which is not as soft as the traditional bread.I’d rather eat a bowl of sprouted salad (made from a variety of grains and legumes) instead, it definitely has a higher satiety value.


TIPS: Read the Nutrition Facts, buy the one that has a variety of grains and lentils. Compare the value with your $.

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