Sneh, as a nutritionist, was valuable in my journey to achieve a significant lifestyle change that focused on transitioning to healthy eating, making appropriate meal choices, achieving balance with foods and its types, and managing portions. She brought a wealth of experience and successfully coupled new health and diet trends into her guidance. She was meticulous in menu planning, answering questions patiently and best of all, she followed up after every meeting to evaluate how the proposed change was working. She was easily accessible for consultation and her flexibility in scheduling appointments was a huge plus.

Hemant, MA

Sneh Jaisingh @ nutriage is incredible.  She is someone who you can trust blindly with dietary and nutrition advice. Not only does Sneh know her stuff well, but she’s approachable and caring. She has given me great advice about probiotics and the benefits of food fresh homemade food and also best from the market. She is always my first call when I need help!

Arpan, California

Sneh Jaisingh is a very caring person. In March 2016, I started having severe GI problem. I wasn’t able to digest food, at all. By the grace of God, I met Sneh and started following her suggestions and diet plan strictly. After a few days, I experienced a lot of change for the better. I haven’t had any issue since then. I had never had a better nutritionist and a better health coach. She is very knowledgeable and has a wonderful manner to address issues. She is very easy to talk to. She spends enough time with patients to ensure they understand what their health needs are. Further, by following diet plan recommended by Sneh my immune system has improved. I highly recommend her.

Divya, MA

My husband and I had never worked with a nutritionist before. When we first started working with Sneh we weren’t really sure what to expect. However she was truly one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.
Sneh is an exceptional friend and a mentor. She listens, guides, advises, and supports completely free of judgement. She provides wonderful suggestions that makes you feel comfortable and it’s applicable. Her approach is holistic incorporating mind, body, and soul. She has helped us create healthy habits that feel natural and make us feel at ease. She also helped us understand every aspect of what was working and what was not working within our diets; breaking down to how each ingredient effect our health and where we needed to make a change. She gave us detailed meal plans, suggestions for new foods, herbs, teas, clean restaurants, and meditations.
Sneh is always available for guidance. She offers endless tools and guidance that have helped us understand our eating habits. She is so easy to talk to and really made it easy for us to learn key healthy habits that will carry us through life.
We cannot recommend her enough – she is amazing, personable, open minded and really educated and knowledgeable on health and nutrition from a holistic perspective.
Anyone who is interested in transformative healthy lifestyle, we strongly suggest setting up an appointment with Sneh. That first appointment will be educational and enlightening; we guarantee!

Manisha & Kartikey, MA

I had serious nutritional deficiencies, low energy and lethargic feeling even after sleeping for long hours. I was also struggling with weight issues. Been a vegetarian and a bachelor, it was difficult to plan and eat well balanced healthy meals daily. After working with sneh, I got educated about eating healthy food with all the necessary nutrition. Sneh helped me create simple easy meals that were quick to fix and well balanced. I learnt how to shop and plan my meals for the whole week and how I can smartly add some nutrition rich foods. I started eating more at home and following a disciplined lifestyle, meditation, hydration etc. I not only felt great overall but also lost weight without feeling starved. I am really glad I got opportunity to work with sneh and improve my health and eating habits and living healthy life

Nimesh, MA

I saw several of my facebook acquaintances sign up for this detox and visited the Nutriage FB page to see what the hullabaloo was all about. About 40+ people had already signed up and I wanted to get in the game too. I did not know Sneh Jaisingh, neither did I know what this detox entailed. I have to be candid and say I was extremely apprehensive at first, but Sneh’s warmth shone through right from the beginning. She put the group at ease and motivated me (ME!!! who never diets or detoxes) to challenge myself. She knew exactly when to hand-hold and when to let you charge ahead…  I journaled my whole journey on my blog (http://worldlyvegetarian.com/detox-journal/) Sneh Jaisingh is a kind, generous and a wonderful guide who maneuvers you through rough roads during your nutrition journey. 

Visi Tilak, a writer based in Massachusetts (On twitter @vtilak)

In this busy life of ours, we need to pause and see how we are living and where we are going.
In my case, with very active social life and nonstop dining and stressful career, Sneh walked in like a blessing. She patiently assessed my routine – A to Z. my lifestyle, food habits, and exercise if any and then developed a very easily adaptable plan – simple changes like drinking enough water, eat more fruits and veggies, less processed foods or diet products.
She made me conscience of my excesses – so now when I stand in a Buffet line or head for second drink, I stop for a moment. Sneh wanders around me with her sweet, but stern look and I give in
I wish I her met her a long ago.
I would strongly recommend her to you for a healthy and long lasing lifestyle.

Harish, MA

I was struggling with weight issues from a while, especially the last 10 pounds. After trying out different diets and personal trainers, I finally met Sneh. She came highly recommended by a friend. I was hesitant on how would I work with Sneh given the distance, but after my first meeting with Sneh through skype, I knew she was the right for me.  I learnt the root cause of my weight issues and we addressed them one by one. Before I knew my weight, goal was achieved and It will be 4 years this Christmas of 2017 that I have been able to maintain my weight without feeling deprived. I look younger and feel great, got a lot of compliments at my college reunion and did I mention my blood pressure meds are long gone.

Holly, Washington

I met Sneh at a health-expo where she was one of the speaker. I had multiple health concerns then, diabetes, elevated cholesterol and triglyceride, migraine headache, overweight, mood swing, anxiety to name a few. She was very patient with me and made me feel very comfortable. We spoke for 4 hours in our first consultation where she took all my history and did a nutritional assessment. She created a timeline and help me understand how each condition was related. She helped me create a diet and lifestyle plan and charted short-term goals. Every visit we would address those goals and add few more goals. It’s been 1 yr. working with Sneh as my coach and I am off my diabetes meds, my cholesterol and triglyceride are normal, and my moods are better. No more migraine headache yay! I even did my first ever ½ marathon walk at the age of 53.
I feel great and have also lost some weight too.

Janet, MA